Challenges in Neurological Disorders

Parkinson’s Disease affects more than 10 million people globally and has an enormous economic and societal burden.  Current available treatments exclusively manage symptoms of the disease, however they do not offer patients the possibility of a cure neither the chance of simply delaying the progression of the disease itself. NeuroSoV has developed a molecule for a specific identified target that, together with a patented reformulation technology, improves the bioavailability of the drug and prevents neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s context.  Unlike alternative solutions currently available, NeuroSoV expects to change the natural course of this devastating neurodegenerative disorder by slowing down the progression of the disease and increase the therapy effectiveness overtime.

Oxidative stress and Parkinson Disease: Finding the Gaps of PD

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disorder affecting more than 6.1 million people worldwide. Despite the efforts to develop a cure for PD, current therapeutic approaches are only able to ameliorate symptoms. As symptomatic therapies lose their effectiveness over time, patients end up with no disease modifying therapeutic options. Therefore, preventing disease progression is a promising goal for patients living with the disease. In the central nervous system (CNS), oxidative stress is a major contributor to disease and a strong contributor to PD development. In line with this correlation, NeuroSoV concept is aims to change the paradigm and targets a specific source of oxidative stress that is deleterious to dopaminergic neurons in PD, using a new formulation of an inhibitor of this target to protect dopaminergic neurons from degeneration.

Repurposing of Drugs- A new sustainable cornerstone in Parkinson Disease

Several commercially available drugs have a strong potential to be used in other pathologies, namely several neurologic disorders. At NeuroSoV, our ongoing fundamental research on drug repurposing looks at searching mature drugs that may be of help in the context of PD. NeuroSoV then screens a set of commercially available anti-inflammatory molecules and test their ability to modulate the neuroinflammation process and consequent dopaminergic neuronal loss in Parkinson Disease’ context.